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Vinyl Information and Warranty 

Vinyl Information

We use two of the top leading brands in the vinyl industry to ensure a long lifespan and good finish over all wrapped surfaces. The vinyl is easily removed and leaves little to no adhesive behind as long as it is removed within the manufacturers listed lifespan. The vinyl is meant to change the look of your vehicle without doing permanent changes and should not devalue the vehicle in any way. The lifespan on the vinyl differs depending on the environment and how much sun exposure it has during its life. Failure to remove vinyl can cause paint damage, difficulties removing, and adhesive being left on the surface.

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 All wraps include a 3 month long warranty that covers the following.

  • adhesive failure

  • vinyl peeling/lifting

  • craftsmanship​

  • vinyl bubbles

Full vehicle wraps include discounted repairs to damaged vinyl within the 3 month period.​


Surfaces that have been repainted or tampered with in any way are void of the warranty and may cause paint peel upon vinyl removal. The warranty does not cover damage done to the vinyl. This includes Collisions, Chemicals, Bugs, Rocks, Tar and other road debris damaging the material.


The warranty is for installation failure only.

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